Our professional training courses for pizzaiuoli are absolutely unique in Italy and the world, and are aimed at those who are serious about investing in their professional future by learning from the best teachers and the most important Neapolitan Master Pizzaiuoli.

A path that leads to knowledge of the territories and raw materials, the most renowned traditions and techniques, the values of nutrition, and mastery of the relevant regulations. The goal is to offer a high-profile educational experience that can generate an outgoing professional figure capable of comparing and operating at the highest standards required by the labor market.

At the “chair” distinguished master pizzaiuoli, honorary members of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli Association, university professors and industry professionals with many years of experience and distinguished resumes, who will expertly address the many topics, fundamental to the training of a professional figure.

A project with an obvious international scope, inspired by the models of excellence of the great cooking schools.

Pizzaiuoli School is based at 51 Michele Parise Street in Naples.

A two-level building, the first fully equipped and dedicated to laboratory activities, the second with offices and classrooms for theory classes.

That of the pizzaiuolo is not a profession that can be improvised, but it requires real training alongside those who have received this wealth of knowledge, made up of manual skills, gestures, and techniques from their ancestors.

Complementing the training are company visits to companies producing raw materials used in the preparation of pizza and internships at the most renowned Neapolitan pizzerias that are members of APN.

We have agreements with hotel and non-hotel facilities for off-site students. For those who request it, an interpreting and translation service can also be activated.

Update your skills, acquire the secrets of the trade by learning from real master pizza makers the techniques, methods and rituals of a world heritage art.

Comprehensive training for aspiring and professional pizza makers

A comprehensive training center that can provide theoretical and practical training to take up the craft of pizza-making right away. In addition, Pizzaiuoli School also pursues continuing education for those who are already pizzaiuoli and want to refine, improve and learn new techniques in dough making, stuffing, baking and pizzeria management and social channels.


Daniele Aiello
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Attilio Albachiara
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Marco Amoriello
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Alberto Buonocore
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Vincenzo Capuano
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Giovanni Capuozzo
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Gennaro Cervone
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Davide Civitiello
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Umberto Fornito
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Simone Fortunato
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Dott. Rosanna Giordano
Biologa Nutrizionista
Raffaele Giustiniani
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Vincenzo Giustiniani
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Maurizio Iannicelli
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Teresa Iorio
Maestra Pizzaiuola
Valentino Libro
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Ciro Magnetti
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Vincenzo Pellone
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Pasquale Poerio
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Umberto Salvo
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Angelo Tramontano
Maestro Pizzaiuolo
Silvio Zigarelli
Maestro Pizzaiuolo

2024 Championship Registration

Registrations for the 2023 Championship are closed!

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